Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Z purlin used as horizontal or wall for structural suppoot in buildings, steel buidling,Z purlin machne roll former is the most common machine in building area. It is widely used for the roof and cladding support and fixing. We designed and developed the new type Z purlin cold forming machine which have much better performance.The length ang height can be adjusted automatic by the PLC control system. The valid material thickness, the width and the depth can be adjusted easily.

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Z pulin roll forming machine Design Idea:

We have enhanced the thickness of the roller and the diameter of the shaft to produce thicker and larger-sized Purlins. The maximum thickness of purlin is 4mm and the maximum size is 400mm. The heavy-duty CZ purlin machine has a very stable advantage for the production of large-size Purlins.

Z pulin roll forming machine Profile Drawing For Reference:

Standard sepcification: Width from 100-400 mm , Thickness from 1.5-4mm , other specail size we can also customized.

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High Quality Z pulin roll forming machine Manufacturer:

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Purlin typesWidth a(mn)Flange b(mm)Hem c(mm)Thickness t(mm)
Z section140-40050-10010-251.5-4
  • Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine Profile Drawing For Reference

  • Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine Profile Drawing For Reference

Z pulin roll forming machine Processing Flow

Uncoiling → Feeding And Leveling →Punching/Pre-Shearing→Roll Forming → Auto Cutting →Products Receiving Table

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine Processing Flow

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Raw MaterialPPGI,PPGL
Material thickness: 1-3mm( 15-9 gauge )
Coil width :150-500 mm adjusted
Machine FrameMachine base frame is made of U beam weld steel. In the main roll forming machine, there are 2 buttons for urgency stop in case any malfunction happens.
Material Of RollersHigh grade 45# forged steel
Roller material: Cr12 CNC processing heat treatment to HRC: 58-60 ,finish turning
Forming StationsRoller stations :23 rows
Diameter Of ShaftsΦ90 mm solid
Material Of Shafts40 Cr CNC processing HRC28-32 ,finish turning and electroplate
Forming SpeedMax 30 m/min
Voltage380v/50hz/3p (As Requested)
Transmission WayBy 1.5 inch chain
Motor Power35KW 
Cutting Blade MaterialGcr12 quenched treatment
Cutting Typehydraulic post cutting
ControlSizes adjust by PLC control and button C and Z section changing by PLC control
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